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Feeding Under Fire: A First World War is a cooking web series which teaches viewers how to make trench food and learn about those who had to eat it during the First World War.

FOF was one of the earliest digital engagement platforms that Simon (and later SCE Consultants) developed. Each episode was a learning curve and the series continued to improve. By the end of the series the resource had been used for teaching internationally and have been viewed thousand of times.

Currently, a new series of Feeding Under Fire is in development.

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Episode 8 – Medicinal Food

This episode moves over on to consider food that was supposed to help men feel better and recover from sickness and injury! Enjoy surprisingly good onion porridge and particularly sweet rice water.

Episode 5 – French Solider’s FOod

This episode crosses the lines and examines French soldier’s food during the First World War. The fifth episode of the Feeding Under Fire public engagement series from Simon Walker PhD Candidate at the University of Strathclyde whose research is focused on the experiences of soldiers in the First World War.

Hey man, just wanted to let you know I’m doing a project in a French WWI class about the food the Poilu ate, and you are the best source of information I’ve found in my research. Thanks!

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