Simon Walker 2018        Dr Simon Walker, Company Manager of SCE Consultants

Simon started SCE Consultants after spending many years providing careers and application guidance expertise.  He has worked for a number of recruitment companies, blue chip professional companies, professional business and MBA services, as well as a range of academic engagement and career guidance.

Before attaining his doctorate, Simon worked for many years providing support to undergraduate students as they applied for perm, temp, part-time, professional and intern type positions both during and beyond university.   He also worked extensively with MBA business students and alumni professionals as he coached them through their ongoing career applications.

Simon also has a passion for technology and digital teaching, training, and engagement.  He has worked within this field for many years as both a teacher and a career progression.  He has created digital content for a range of organisations including universities, museums, libraries, the Scottish Government, and several private organisations.  He also runs an academic website and a successful historical YouTube series.

As a result of these beginnings, SCE Consultants constantly aims to help students and professional candidates navigate the ever-changing landscape of careers application and development.  With a specialism for providing guidance for each aspect of the modern recruitment process, SCE Consultants supports applicants all the way until job offer.