• Support for how to use core programmes– Zoom, Youtube, Padlet, Twitter, Learning Platforms (Myplace), etc
  • Support on how to set up and manage digital devices and environments: background, microphones, cameras etc.
  • Support on how to engage participants and change teaching practice for online teaching.
  • Support on how to coordinate teaching sessions, participation work, and follow up resources.

1-2-1 / Seminar Training Sessions

Bespoke training for you and your team on how to best engage online

Bespoke Resources to Support Online Teaching

We can help you design new online resources to add quality and engagement to your programme

Advice on Technical Systems

Are you Zooming, Meeting, Skyping, or just Teaming with questions? Don’t worry we can talk you through it.

Let’s build something together.

Free to use and download teaching video – Using Zoom: A Student Guide

As the new term begins for many university and college students, many are using Zoom as a new tool to protect students and staff while making sure teaching continues. This video is a free to use educational resource made by SCE Consultants for education institutions to help guide their students on how to engage effectively with the Zoom platform.

All rights reserved to SCE Consultants http://www.sceconsultants.co.uk. This footage must not be changed or edited without permission of SCE Consultants. This video can also be made specific for a institution’s individual needs and unique systems. Enquires about this can be referred here directly. Good luck with the coming term and keep safe.